A few days after our trip to the Caspian sea we head south of Tehran to a historic town called Kashan. At my arrival temperatures in Tehran reached 32°C but it has gotten hotter constantly over the last week. The city has turned into an oven with heavy air pollution due to massive car traffic and probably a rather poor quality of gasoline. 
We drive through the desert which is omnipresent and must cover a big part of Iran’s terrain. We reach our destination around 2 pm and the heat hits us with full force when we get out of the car. I guess we witness temperatures of around 45°C. A friend runs for several bottles of water which we empty in a minute.

The heat is unbearable at first but eases down in the afternoon when we visit historic houses with natural ventilation systems (whithout any A/Cs, that is). Iran has a rich culture which you find in historic sites, in its food and at bazaars.

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