After all the nice things I experienced last weekend, (which u can read as follows), I have an encounter with THE MOTHER. I turn the lights on during the night as I want to make some tea. As soon as I get near the sink, I discover three little roaches on their favourite playing ground, and there is … THE BIG ONE, too! Wow, I am stunned!

It is quite frightening to get across HER again after a long time. I first handle the little ones and manage to squeeze 2 out of 3. The 3rd one gets away. The mother hides under the dishes, where I cannot really reach her. I don’t try too hard, though. I have heard that, if u mash a cockroach, its eggs get squeezed out and u finally end up with hundreds of THEM. So I let HER get away. I have to think of a strategy…

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