cockroach alarm

i come home in the evening and turn on the light. just in time to spot a 3 cm big cockroach! it’s still winter and they are already here! speaking of them: other little insects crawling over the sink, probably cockroach babies…

hund’s weather report: nyc 12 feb 06

the only weather report that is always late!

with an artist friend from the ISCP i go to williamsburg to visit the PS1 museum. the snow is up to 50cm high. in the late afternoon i start to feel cold in my sneakers and i discover the following…

How it all got started

On a cold January day, I was having lunch with my friend Alec in Vienna and I mentioned that I didn’t have a website. So he offered to help me set up this weblog. I promised to write in it regularly during my stay in New York City.