Food Containers

Photographs of 44 different casts, each 40 x 30 cm, © Harald Hund 2022


The series is about “archeological finds” which seem to be the remains of our society in the future.

Plastic food containers might, if they don’t dissolve in the oceans or otherwise, appear as fossils one day.



SSausage Dog

Two photographs, each one 50 x 73 cm, © 2022

A political allegory on a conservative party which chose to move far right to gain more votes.

After winning two elections in Austria, their messiah-like leader had to step down because of his involvement in corruption scandals which slowly started to surface in an investigation committee.


Framed photograph, 70 x 100 cm, © Harald Hund 2019


a photographic work that was realized in public space and shows a man in a suit

kneeling in front of an ATM. The title already suggests the content of the work,

which can also be read differently. In the classic role model, the man was the breadwinner

of the family, but this is currently less and less the case due to changed gender relations,

neoliberalism, stagnating or falling wages, exploitative wage conditions, etc.


While women have long been in the workforce, more and more men are finding it difficult

to find a role for themselves and sufficient pay to support themselves or their families.

Quite a few also have problems finding their place in life.


© Harald Hund 2019

Little Men

Photographs on Alu Dibond, 45 x 30 cm, 2016

Everyday scenes built of trash, crowded by miniature people. What they think or say remains mysterious.


Photo prints on Alu Dibond, 2009, mostly 100 x 70 cm


The collages are based on my own photographs of landscapes and cities. Apart from that, they are free in their topics.


Vicious Circle (used as record cover for UKO’s album The Sista Sadie Life Show)








Fuck y’a all