the midwest monster potato

comes with zucchinis. first fry zucchinis in a pan. cut cheese in slices and cover the vegetables. put the squash in the oven and fry for 15 minutes. if a smell of burnt food comes out of the oven, open it and have a look. discover that the cheese is not even melted and leave the ensemble for another ten minutes in the oven. open the oven again…

suddenly there is a terrible noise in the appartment that makes me almost deaf. i run around in panic. it’s some kind of alarm. after a minute it dawns on me that it is the fire alarm. i run to the window and open it. the alarm is still on. i go looking where it comes from and finally discover the alarm box above the entrance door. i open the door. it stops. after a while i close the door and it goes off again. i run back to the door and open it again. it stops again. in order to break that loop i leave both the door and the window open.
i discover that i am running late for meeting with somebody. the monster potato was boiling for 40 min already. i run a fork test on it. well, it’s still not ready but i gotta eat. i finally have my dinner under stress with the cheese not properly melted and the potato not well cooked.

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  1. harry ! I had the same fucking pot when I lived in east 6th street in ’95. hardly ever had anything to cook in it.

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