Coffee at a bar

Last tuesday afternoon i walk into a bar on 6th ave (Ave of the Americas) in order to have a pee. On my way out I decide to have a coffee. Next to me on the bar is a bald headed man in his forties. He starts a conversation.

From the way he looks at me I easily can tell that he is into men. He tells me, that back in the Eighties, he used to work for an art gallery selling Chagall and Picasso.
Telling me this his looks go down on me quite often. Some of the art collectors would blow 100,000 us-d per month on buying art and he would earn his 10% share.

He keeps on talking but every now and then there is the occasional glance at my crotch. During our conversation things get heated up for him pretty much, and his eyes get now fixed more often on my private parts. I don’t answer that question what i would be up to in the evening and instead start to talk about my girlfriend.
Finally I say goodbye, shake his hand in a meant-to-be-official way and walk off the scene.

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