Coney Island Atrocities

Coney Island is a rather bizarre place. It is strangely unplanned and seems undecided. Seen from a city-planning perspective it looks destroyed, as if it was bombed 40 years ago, then scattered with tower blocks and then left behind.

The beach strip is long. Adjacent to it is a big pedestrian walk made of wooden planks, which is nice. Behind the walk are a number of tower blocks. The amusement park is small and run down. You can feel atracted to its sadness, though.

One thought on “Coney Island Atrocities

  1. I would Love to hear more about your stay in Coney Island, I recently heard some bad things about the area, but I’m intrigue and would like to know more as I due to be going there for a week early June ’07.


    PS..Your Blog is great!, loved the pics.

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