Coolest keyboarder on earth

We go to see a live concert of Zubz, a rapper from Simbabwe, who seems to make it big in SA. There is also a gig of Black Dillinger, a rather classic reggae band. The lot of them seem quite old (around 40) and they look as if they had smoked too much dope in the past except for the singer, who seems younger and healthier.

On the keyboard appears a skinny and even older guy who does not speak a word. He just hits the keys emotionlessly which every now and then emanate strange reggae sound effects. The guy appears on stage wearing a suit and a pink rucksack which dangles from his shoulders like an old plastic bag.

As he plays he does neither take of his jacket nor his rucksack which only contains a book or two. After the gig the guy leaves the stage, puts his keyboard in a sack and walks off the scene, still without having a said a single word nor having taken off the pink rucksack. Cool, innit?

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