Far Rockaway Beach

Take the subway out to JFK and continue with a shuttle train to the peninsula which lies south of Brooklyn and Queens in the Atlantic Ocean. Like Coney Island this place is a summer hangout for mostly lower class people. The beach is that long that you cannot make out either end of it. It seems like a city on its own stretched out along the ocean.
There is again skywriting but performed only by a single plain whose pilot seems to be drunk. In a shitty way he writes letters across the sky which make up the words „Who is KyleXY?“. This is far away from the perfection of the Fire Island skywriting, but also funnier.
We then cross the peninsula to the Nortwest side where we have dinner in a restaurant by the water. We watch a beautiful sunset behind green islands which look like birds’ paradise. In the background we see airplanes descending to JFK.

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