Four films in four days

1. Art School Confidential by Terry Zwigoff: Set in an art college, meant to be fun but it’s just piling up stupid clichés. This is very annoying, given that Mr. Zwigoff used to be a good director who made the great comic book adaptation „Ghost World“ in 2001 with Thora Birtch, Scarlet Johansson and Steve Buscemi.
2. Mission Impossible (MI:3) by … – I don’t remember. Well, it’s an action flic. After the opening scene where Mr. Cruise gets married there is a lot of action going on, the camera is moving constantly, a lot of explosions, shooting and fighting. It’s ok as an action movie.
3. Hard Candy: Quite a horrible film about a 14 years old girl who takes revenge on a pedophile who she deems responsible for the suicide of her friend.
4. The Preposition, after a screenplay by Nick Cave. The movie stars Guy Pearce as one of four brothers who form up a gang. It is set in late 19th century Australia. The scenes are populated with dirty and fucked up people which makes the movie a little different from its American counterparts. The music which was written by Nick Cave is very good. The film is good, too.

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