Monkey Business

We watch a monkey crossing a street. He looks both ways left and right before he crosses the road. The monkey then makes his way through a fence onto private property with an „armed response“ sign in front. Quite surprisingly he does not get shot. Apparently quite a few monkeys get hit by cars instead.

As I go jogging later I see another monkey sitting on a piece of lawn in front of a house. The monkey whose back is turned towards me munches quietly. As he gets aware of me he turns around his head to look at me without any emotion. Does he charge me?

I wonder if there is only one monkey in town which shows off to the tourists on different spots making them believe that there is great wildlife in town. I decide I have to take a picture of the monkey(s). Maybe then will I be able to tell one from the other, if there is any other at all. On my way back the bugger is gone…

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