In the city centre I pass a site called Mossala on which a huge mosque, two minarets and exhibition halls are being erected. The place has been under construction for 23 years, as I get told later. The two minarets are said to be the highest in the world. The whole site is extremely impressive due to its monumental size and its architectural details.

Watching the carcass of the mosque’s dome I can’t help myself but think of a nuclear reactor. That’s how much the Western media shapes my perception but it’s also du to the fact that in the West we do not have a large number of concrete domes. You’ll rather find those in former Eastern Block countries were they were built during communist times.

People in Iran are generally very friendly and hospitable and also curious about foreigners. The participants of my workshop are highly interested in my films and in Western culture in general. One student has a great knowledge of film history. He seems to have watched all relevant films while I missed one or the other. The guy on the bottom is not him, by the way…

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