New Films/New Directors

The MOMA runs a series of films by young and upcoming film directors (feature films and documentaries). I go to see „First On The Moon“ a mockumentary by Russian filmmaker A. Fedorchenko about the Soviets first try to fly to the moon in 1938. It’s a beautiful and very witty film shot in black and white, giving the almost perfect impression of vintage film footage. Some archival footage is cut between.
Among the highlights of the film is a piglet which gets shot into the sky in a little test rocket . The piggy gets back to earth in a little capsule with a parachute. As it is released from the capsule it runs around on the ground squeaking. As it gets fed with milk from a baby’s bottle it is all well again.
In a laboratory scientists try to put a funny looking astronaut’s helmet on a test dog’s head and they get bitten by the little bastard.

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