Novy Beograd

New Belgrade is made up of a widespread grid system of streets. Tram and bus stops do not have names but are called after the housing blocks for example Blok 36, 45 or 72.

There are streets names which pay reference to great names of the past like Nikola Tesla or – more in a cosmo-poetic way – to Jurija Gagarina, the first Soviet cosmonaut.

Between housing blocks you also find supermarkets, sports grounds and grass lands. The area is not that unhospitable after all…

Europe endless…

Besides tower blocks you also find some shacks inhabited by gypsies. Romani people in Belgrade are known to be scrap dealers.

Things look different at the other side of the river. You’ll find this building at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube.

Elections coming up, time to say good-bye…

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