November 06: We install an exhibition of Stan Douglas at the Secession, which is a museum for contemporary art in Vienna. We have to erect about 200m2 of walls. There is only one big hall for the show which therefore has to be devided in 3 parts. The show comprises a video projection in the dark but also photographs which have to be shown in light.
The construction team of the Secession has developed a perfect way to erect perfect walls which in this case go from the floor to the ceiling (which is about 8m high).
This system of creating a perfectly white wall consists of 6 steps. First painting of the prefabricated and already erected wall panels, then closing the gaps between the panels with a spezial duct tape. Fill the gaps with spackle. Abrade redundant spackle. Put on a second layer of spackle as the walls are not yet perfectly white. Paint the walls again…

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