The Ark

The Ark are a group of 5 monkeys. They perform after Princess Superstar at Bowery Ballroom. They play music of what they might think is Glam Rock. They are Swedish and they are funny in the first place. They are all dressed in black. While the 2 guitar players wear tight trowers in a 60ies Mod-style and short leather jackets, the singer is dressed in carrot trousers, 80ies style. He also wears a short black fur jacket and nothing underneath.

His face resembles a bit Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. But it is squeezed vertically and put on a small, untersetzten body. One guitar player looks a bit like Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, with a wanna-be-Iggy-Pop-haircut. The lead guitar player has red coloured hair to distract viewers from the fact that he is cross-eyed. He looks rather Finnish, as he resembles a beaver. The band is a complete fake, but, according to the singer, they bring a revolution to NYC. This revolution is all new, it’s the revolution of the body! Everybody is very impressed. So am I.

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