Trip around Manhattan

On Sunday evening I take a bike trip at sunset. I ride on the west side along the Hudson to the southern tip of Manhattan. I have a look at the orange disc of the sun slowly going down behind skyscrapers. I head north on the other side of the peninsula along the East River. I pass quite a few ball parks with men playing baseball or other sports. I have a look at Williamsburg at sunset. I feel free and very happy on my bike, i don’t need a car, a bike does it.
I go all the way to the UN-Headquartes on 40th Street. The building looks beautiful in the dark. From the UN I continue West. I come through a little area of Victorian houses. One is a residential building which is called the Cloister. It was a real cloister which they turned into an appartment building. Close to that area superslim skyskrapers rise…

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