cd shop

on friday night i go out a little. as i walk back towards home i pass by a cd shop which has its closing sale. it is 11 pm, i enter and have a look at the cds. there is some comtemporary music. most of the cds are on sale for US 2,99. as i skip through those cds a fortyish man enters the shop. he is very nervous and runs back and forth through the shop looking for rock music. he wants help in finding music. he yells around and finally says he has a very bad eyesight. he stresses out everybody around him. he finds out about the name of the shop clerk, who is a very nice guy called richard. richard! richard, this and that…
that man finally gets hold of a portable cd player which is on the counter in order to listen to the cds. i queue up and after some time ask him if i can listen to music.
he agrees. after listening to cds for 5 minutes he comes up again and wants me to hand over the headphones and the cd player. i tell him that i still want to go on. he lets me do that and finds out that he can listen to music on the shop’s soundsystem. thanks god he leaves me in peace.
another man enters the shop with a big freaky fur hat. he takes of his coat and his hat. i discover that he is bald and a bit crosseyed. he is dressed completely in leather, he wears tight leather trousers and a leather jacket, no t-shirt. also this guy has a bad eyesight. he brings his face very close to the cds in the rack sticks out his leather ass to the public.
around his waist there is a band where usually the undertrousers show (nowadays). i can very well imagine that he is naked in his paints. he seems to be in his late forties.

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