murphy’s law

i feel pain in my knees and limp for three days.
after getting better last week i catch a cold. i decide to stay home for two days. it’s sunny on saturday (like most of the times in new york) and i get out for a little walk. i walk towards the hudson river and get on the hudson highway. the lights turn red. i still want to cross, so i start running. suddenly sth snaps in my knee. i feel a very bad pain immediately. i make it to the other side of the freeway but i limp baaaaaadly. my right leg is rather stiff, i can barely walk. shock! i try to walk around a little on a hudson quai. it feels very bad.
i limp back home and call a friend. i am lucky that she had back problems recently and found out about a physical therapist who treated her. i put on some ice on my right knee. that helps a little.
on sunday my knee is badly swollen. i treat it with ice. my friend shows up and brings me breakfast and pills. i cannot get out of the house, it’s too painful to walk downstairs.
parallel to getting hold of that physical therapist on the phone i try to find out if i have travel insurance on my mastercard. apparently it does not cover visits to a doctor. i am afraid that i have to go back to austria to get treatment.
at the same time my girlfriend is having big trouble with getting a visa for the states.
on monday i feel a little better. at the same time my telephone at home decides to break down. that does not make things easier for communicating with my girlfriend in europe.

One thought on “murphy’s law

  1. listen, if you are serious about the visa, you have two choices:

    1. find some very high profile acquaintances in America with friends in the state department in washington.

    2. pay somebody a lot of money in rumania to bribe somebody at the embassy.

    i’d probably go with variant one. meeting influential people is a worthwhile end in itself. the tragedy of your girlfriend, the doctor, who is unable to visit you, is a very good party story. it should be easy to get people on your side.

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