Roosevelt Island

lies in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It can be reached by subway or by aerial tram. The buildings on the island consist mainly of 70ies social housing complexes in a brutalist style. Nowadays luxury condominiums are being built too, like on many places in the city.

The island is a calm place with little traffic. It makes me feel as if I was on some strange kind of holidays (from Manhattan). You see people spending their day in an idle way, a lot of kids doing sports and also quite a few handicapped people in wheelchairs. One disabled man is on a wheelbed, he moves arond lying on his belly.

The place has a strange athmosphere which probably made it suitable for a film shooting. Roosevelt Island served as location for Walter Salles’ mystery film „Dark Water“, which is a remake of the Japanese original of Hideo Takata, who also made „The Ring“.

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